Monstera leaf-shaped leather earrings

My handmade leather earrings series has a new addition, inspired by tropical leaves and exotic decoration. I have thus created sexy Monstera leaf earrings, available in my Etsy shop the Transylvanian Trove.
These earrings, inspired by the fashionable shape of the tropical Monstera plant, are light and easy to wear. The asymmetrical design is meant to render the earrings more interesting and to make them nicely frame the face, while the perforations of different size allow for a special play of light and shadow. Due to these feature, the Monstera earrings shall certainly draw everyone's attention!
Multiple colors available - dark gray, coral red, light brown.
Dimensions (length): 5 cm (1.9 inches)
Silver-color metal hooks (common metal alloy).

Gray leather Monstera earrings by the Transylvanian Trove

Monstera leaf leather earrings, tropical leaf earrings, natural leather, handmade jewelry, floral pattern, designed in Transylvania, Romania

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