Gladiatorial news from Virtus Antiqua

In its first show this year, during the Free Dacians' Festival in Baia Mare, Romania, held between May 19th and 21st, our reenactment association Virtus Antiqua has presented some of its novelties. These new elements have been included in the traditional show - a day in Ludus Memnii, the gladiatorial school of Gaius Memnius Primus. This year we present not only fights between recruits and gladiators, but also between gladiatrices, though a rarer sight in ancient Rome, makes for a more tasty depiction of such shows and events. Another addition is the inclusion of auxiliary soldiers in the show, part of the story of conflicts and rebellions inside the gladiatorial training school. The third novelty consists of the dance of the priestesses, not only that of the dancers embodying the ancient furies.
See more photos from the show in Baia Mare HERE.
Virtus Antiqua arms presentation stand at Festivalul Dacii Liberi

Gladiatrices from Virtus Antiqua

Auxiliary Roman soldiers chastising rebelling gladiators

Dance of the Batavian priestesses

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