The Dacian traveler's journal

I have discussed before the first steps in the creation of a linocut journal for explorers of the Dacian civilization, available in my online store Atelieruldeistorie - jurnalul exploratorului dacilor.
Here is the second work stage, when I have decorated both covers and the first page with linocut collages, depictions also inspired by ancient Dacian and Getae artifacts and representations. The inner blank pages contain four printed suggestions on how to use the journal while/after vising museums with relevant artifacts on display, taking part in historical reenactment festival in Romania that often include reconstructions of Dacian costumes, weapons, and fight styles, taking notes after reading historic and popularizing works related to the history of the ancient Dacians, and visiting archaeological sites and digs - suggesting for example the Dacian fortifications included in the UNESCO list. The suggestion sheets are attached with colorful washi tape, giving an idea of how the journal should be used, as the idea is not so common in Romania as yet.

Linocut Dacian elements on the Dacian explorer's journal

First page of the Dacian explorer's journal - with the ancient Draco symbol

Instruction sheets inside the Dacian explorer's journal

The Dacian explorer's journal

The Dacian explorer's journal

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