May 20th - The Long Night of Museums in Romania and a protest

The recent but very popular European event called The Long Night of Museums continues in 2017 in Romania as well, planned for the 20th of May. This year's edition is held under the slogan "People change museums, museums change people", but museum workers are also planning a non-disruptive protest. Inspired by the recent anti-corruption protests in Romania, best known through the hashtag #Rezist, museographers shall wear T-shirts inscribed "I work in a museum, I exist, I no longer resist". Marking the profession's attempt at creating a syndicate, this protest draws attention to the very low salaries of museum workers, among the lowest in the salary grid of culture employees in the country, and to the bad legislation in their field of work.

2017 poster of the Romanian Long Night of Museums event

2017 protest of museum workers in Romania

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