Vintage prints from Transylvania

The Transylvanin Trove on Etsy sells some original vintage prints from this special province of Central-Eastern Europe. The more valuable item is a 2014 imprint after an 18th century plate from the collection of the National History Museum of Transylvania, a Baroque depiction of flowers with a tiny view over the city of Targu Mures. Under the central floral composition one can see on the left a small city vedutta (probably a view of Targu Mures, in Transylvania) and the engraver's name and year: Josephus Vasarhellyi (in Latinized Hungarian meaning Joseph from Vasarhely=Targu Mures) 1772. According to the name, the author was a Hungarian master from Transylvania. Etching, numbered in pencil 9/I. Material: sepia typographic ink, printing paper. See the etching on Etsy HERE.

Heart flowers, original vintage etching print after an eighteenth century plate, small view of Targu Mures city, Transylvania, Baroque deco

The second, but more recently added, is a beautiful original engraving on handmade paper, depicting a jumping stag against a field of flowers and small leaves in a circle. The circular depiction is surrounded by the inscription "Handmade paper & print by Natura Paper". Materials: black typographic ink, beige handmade paper. Dimensions (total): 18 x 13 cm (7 x 5 inches). Unique vintage print, only one copy vailable, ready to send. See this print on Etsy HERE.

Stag engraving on handmade paper, original print by Natura Paper from Transylvania, etching deer and flowers in circle, vintage printmaking


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