Linocut personalized traveler's journal

Browsing Etsy I have recently discovered the so-called traveler's journals or notebook, a kind of scrap-book documenting one's travels or an activity notebook. I have decided to create a similar project for my online shop, Atelierul de istorie, inspired by the ancient civilizations, especially that of the mysterious Dacians from the present-day territory of Romania. The project thus envisages the creation of a "diary of the Dacians' explorer", encouraging people to research this ancient civilization by visiting museums, archaeological sites, reenactment festivals and events and reading historical publications - and creatively documenting such activities. I have thus adapted kraft notebook with linocut prints and shall add indications sheets inside - as the travelers' journal is not a wide-spread phenomenon in Romania. Here is what I have managed so far:
Linoplate carving
Linoleum plate inked

The first print

First check in printmaking project
Notebook cover with lincout printed title - Diary of the Dacians' explorer

Traveler's journal series


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