20x20 cm painting format

Most artists prefer certain techniques and formats for their works. Some are miniaturists by default, working in great detail on small format supports, while others are more impulsive and feel comfortable on very large canvases. Still, this apparent division only applies to (some) of the modern artworks, as in the past great attention was paid to large paintings as well. We are often surprised to discover, when visiting museums, how small or large some iconic paintings actually are, so the format of artworks is well worth discussing.
I confess preferring small and average-size formats myself. I am not confident enough for large formats, nor do I use a big enough studio :) For larger canvases, up to 1 m, I used a mixed technique - linocut, collage, acrylic - in which I actually get to do puzzle with my own smaller linocut prints, thus cheating a bit on the matter of art format.
But this technique also applies to the recently-discovered 20 x 20 cm canvas. These paintings are easy and fun to make, they are easily shipped and displayed in smaller apartments, either individually or in pairs/groups.
20x20 cm canvasses by Ana-Maria Gruia
All of these works are available on my Etsy shop, the GoddessGruia, HERE:
In clockwise order:
1. Acrylic painting "Ode to Cluj", unique work of art, green and orange, ready to hang collage, Goddess Gruia, Transylvania, Romania
2 Original acrylic painting, contemporary miniature, gold leaf, "Golden network" medieval architecture from Transylvania, Sibiu, Romania art
3 Contemporary art, original acrylic painting on canvas; "Medieval story", mixed technique painting, linocut, acrylic, collage art
4 Acrylic on canvas original painting Return home; mixed technique - linocut print, paint, collage, contemporary art, ready to hang, miniature

5 Medieval scene from Transylvania, fortified church in Calnic, Virgin with child and St. Catherine of Alexandria, original collage, linocut
6 Art collage, original painting, mixed technique (linocut, acrylic on canvas), "Life in the city" ready to hang European art, architecture

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