Handmade leather ROTA ancient Roman board game

Reenactment groups dealing with the Roman Empire often reconstruct easy aspects of daily life, such as games and entertainment. Board games are well attested in Roman society in particular, as such inscribed boards have even been found carved in the stones of the forum. ROTA is the most popular, simple yet tricky game. The name is the Latin for "wheel", due to its round, spiked shape.
Making a rota board is quite easy - all one needs is a round piece of timber or leather and six game pieces. My variant is made out of leather, hand cut and sewed, and blue and transparent glass pieces. The  "board" can easily turn into a pouch with the aid of perimetral perforations and leather cord. This leather ROTA is available at atelieruldeistore.ro 
Read about the rules HERE.

Rota leather pouch
Rota board and game pieces

Detail - ancient Roman rota game

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