Best selling items by Atelierul de istorie

Best sold items by Atelierul de istorie
For my online business, focusing on handmade artifacts inspired by the civilizations of Antiquity - Roman, Dacian, Celtic, Egyptian, but some later periods such as Viking and Baroque - summer is a time to catch up with website and blog polishing, completion and marketing. One of the means of increasing traffic is to add captions and alternative captions to all photos that include keywords significant to my products. Another is to bring the site up to date with "how it was made" blog entries, completion of product descriptions and updating the best sold items category, illustrated above. This was a good occasion to identify future development directions - in our case artifacts related to the Dacian civilization, mainly those depicting the draco, this ancient civilization's mythical hybrid war standard - half wolf, half snake, that the Roman called "dragon".

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