Souvenir from Cluj linocut bookmark

One of my linocut projects is inspired by my hometown of  Cluj-Napoca, in the heart of Transylvania, Romania. I have not yet seen artistic souvenirs from Cluj, so I thought of creating one, both practical and pleasing: a linocut bookmark inscribed "Cluj" and decorated with a few elements of medieval architecture that, in my opinion, nicely render the atmosphere of the old city centre (namely one of the specific historical monuments, the house where the great humanist King of Hungary Mathias Corvinus was born).

Cluj linocut bookmark by Atelierul de istorie
The linocut series is available in my online shop, Atelierul de istorie, for now in a single color variant - brown typographic ink on beige printing paper, signed by the author - AGruia. Check out all the history-inspired bookmarks, both linocut and handmade leather projects, HERE.

Linocut detail - Cluj town centre and its medieval and Renaissance architecture

Cluj bookmarks, original linocut by Ana-Maria Gruia


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