Another ancient vegetable recipe remake

This weekend we have cooked another remake of one of the vegetable recipes preserved in Apicius, in his De re coquinaria - called Alter olus molle - using the Project Gutenberg online variant. The adaptation regards using white cabbage and broccoli instead of celery and cooking everything all the ingredients plus smoked pork meat in a cauldron. Due to the adding of meat in the recipe, we have removed the mentioned stock.
The experiment is part of the cultural project "Labyrinth through time" implemented near Cluj-Napoca, in the heart of Transylvania, at the reenactment park Camp Virtus. The project of NGO Virtus Antiqua also benefits from funding from the Administration of the Cultural National Fund of Romania.
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Meet the team and volunteers and see all photos from the meeting held on July 1st 2017 HERE.

Chop the cabbage, broccoli and onion
Fry the onion and the meat
Add water and spices (pepper, lovage, oregano)
Do not forget about the white wine and let boil for around 1 hour   
Serve with bread and enjoy!

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