Art bookmarks project

I have renewed by older interest in creating unique bookmarks with two more models. The new types are the results of various printmaking techniques: linocut, monotypia, direct impression. These printed bookmarks are in fact the results of an uncycled calendar - see my previous linocut project calendar for 2016. Thus, after using the 12 pages I did not want to part with them so they were given a new life as bookmarks. Some consist of one, two or three rows of individually printed lino numbers, others are from the decorative parts of the calendar, consisting of different types of geometric patterns, dots, spots and results of experimental printing.
They are available on Etsy in my third shop, the Transylvanian Trove, for 1$ a piece :). 

Original linocut bookmark by Ana-Maria Gruia

Dotted bookmarks, original handmade, linocut prints, art bookmarks, love for books, reading accessories, designed in Transylvania, Romania

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