Price cuts for handmade items inspired by ancient history

New category of reduced items

Atelierul de istorie, my online shop of handmade items inspired by the ancient civilizations (mainly Roman and Dacian) has just launched a new section, dedicated to reduced items. It reunites stock liquidation items and others that shall no longer be produced for various reasons. The first consist of an average-size puzzle, rather difficult (for adults), the image of which renders a gladiator helmet against an ivy background, namely the typical  helmet of a Thracian. The new price for this original puzzle is 15 Romanian lei, i.e. around 4$.

Gladiator puzzle
The second reduced item consists of a lot of handmade necklaces with exotic elements such as semi-precious stones, amber, fossils and other such details. Each necklace is unique and costs now 20 lei, ca. 5 $.
Exotic jewelry
 Though the website is exclusively in Romanian, we communicate in English as well and ship orders abroad, payed through PayPal. Feel free to write us at contact[@]atelieruldeistorie.ro.

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