Oriental car mirror charm

The Transylvanian Trove on Etsy is very active. Yet another new item was recently added, starting a new category as well - car jewelry.
The chic rear view mirror jewelry is decorative and fun, easy to attach to your car's mirror with the elastic loop. It can included in the boho style car blings, as it is composite, asymmetrical and moving. It includes several beads and elements made of coffee bean trivia shell, bamboo coral, bone, silver, leather and plastic - the main charm depicts a Chinese letter, but there are other protective elements as well: the mix itself, distracting the evil spirits, the color red of the coral and the soft jingle it produces.
A great accessory for your car or an inspired gift for someone else's!
Length: 10 cm (4 inches) 

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Car charm by the Transylvanian Trove on Etsy

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