Goddess Gruia painting Transylvania

Goddess Gruia, aka painter Ana-Maria Gruia on Etsy, is inspired by the cities of  Transylvania, especially by their details of medieval architecture. Using only natural colors and hearth-tones, she depicts such cityscapes using various techniques: linocut, collage (linocut, acrylic on canvas), mixed techniques (gold leaf, pencil). See more on her website - www.anamariagruia.ro, such as the 2010 exhibition "Medieval Cluj".
For the works available on her Etsy Shop, the Goddess Gruia, see them below, inspired by anonymous corners (such as the rooftops scene) and certain cities such as Cluj, Sibiu, Brasov and the Saxon fortified church in Calnic. These original artworks promote the heritage of the historical province of Transylvania and its aesthetic beauties.

Medieval scene from Transylvania, fortified church in Calnic, Virgin with child and St. Catherine of Alexandria, original collage, linocut

The small town of Calnic is built around a Saxon fortified church, dominated by a central keep. This latter elements and part of the curtain wall is depicted as background for an imaginary religious scenes with Mary and Christ child and St. Catherine of Alexandria.

Acrylic painting "Ode to Cluj", unique work of art, green and orange, ready to hang collage, Goddess Gruia, Transylvania, Romania

This original work is inspired by my home town, Cluj-Napoca, in the heart of Transylvania. The main square of the city is dominated by the Gothic church dedicated to St. Michael and I have chosen this landmark as focus of my miniature painting. 

Linocut work depicting the old apothecary shop in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, "The Hintz House" - original linocut print, historical monument

The Hintz House is one of the landmarks of the city of Cluj-Napoca, currently the History of Pharmacy Museum where I work and the site of the late medieval pharmacy. During the twentieth century it was owned by the Hintz family, hence the name of the monument- The Hintz House.

Tiny acrylic painting, The Guild House in Brasov, Transylvania, miniature art, small format contemporary painting, original from Romania

This small painting depicts one of the preserved medieval street corners of Brasov/Kronstadt, one of the leading Saxon cities in southern Transylvania, Romania. The building in question is the medieval Guild House of the city, a representative building of the trade that made the inhabitants rich. Brasov was an important mediator in the commerce between Transylvania, on the one hand and Walachia and the Ottoman Empire on the other.

Original acrylic painting, contemporary miniature, gold leaf, "Golden network" medieval architecture from Transylvania

The imagine scene is placed in the medieval town on Sibiu/Hermanstadt, in Transylvania, easily recognizable through the eye-shaped opening at roof level and the unmistakable shape of the medieval tower separating the large and small town squares.


Small acrylic painting, Roofs in Transylvania, miniature art, small format contemporary painting, original from Romania, unique original art


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