Etsy shop udates - tips and observations

As you might have noticed already, one of the elements featuring prominently on everyone's home page is the "updates from shops you like" section. News from the shops you like is even more prominent, but maybe you do not have enough products, patience or money to post a new item every couple of days. Thus the shop update photo is a good way to stay in touch with your fans and to have your shop promoted by Etsy in a simple and effective way.
Unfortunately, the feature is only available via the Etsy app, so if you do not own a smartphone (like me :) or a tablet, you are in a bit of trouble. My tablet's camera is not very good, so, unfortunately, my updates so far have not been very sharp. A thing to remedy, for sure. Then there are the captions, which I find most effective if short and funny.
Here are the two updates of my Transylvanian Trove Shop so far:

Transylvanian Trove Etsy shop update: "Old and new from Transylvania"

Transylvanian Trove Etsy shop update:It is bookmarks season!
And this is how they actually look on Etsy, with items tagged and promoted:


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