Painting inspired by the fortified church in Calnic, Transylvania

Another original artwork has been added o my online Etsy Shop - the Goddess Gruia. It is a another average-size mixed technique work (linocut, collage, acrylic on canvas), this time inspired by one of my favorite historical monuments in Transylvania, the fortified church in Calnic. Read more about the site HERE.
This original painting is inspired by a historical landmark that I like in my home region of Transylvania: the fortified medieval Saxon church in Calnic, Alba County. There is a central keep, depicted here in the background, surrounded by a courtain wall, and I have added out of my imagination but also inspired by medieval altar paintings, a vision of the Virgin with Child and Saint Catherine of Alexandria with her iconographic attribute, the wheel.
Dimensions: 20 x 20 cm, 2 cm in thickness
Technique: collage, linocut, acrylic on canvas
Unframed but ready to hang, with painted edges and provided with a saw tooth hanger (allowing perfect balance and balance corrections if needed) and canvas stretchers already in place, on the back (if, due to display or storage conditions the canvas should need stretching in the future, the pegs are just pushed in a bit). 

Medieval scene from Transylvania, fortified church in Calnic, Virgin with child and St. Catherine of Alexandria, original collage, linocut

Detail of the above - original painting by Ana-Maria Gruia
Detail of the signature Ana-Maria Gruia 2015

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