Music in the city - linocut collage & gold leaf

I have just finished another linocut collage & gold leaf experiment, a medium-size painting entitled "Music in the city". he individual linocut cut-out linocut prints depict musical instruments, the Baroque palace of governor of Transylvania Banffy, and two more architectural scenes. The background was then slightly colored, to render a sense of depth and space, in diluted browns. Still, there was something missing to connect to two grounds of the painting, the architectural foreground and the musical middle and upper ground. I thus decided to created a subtle, gold foil detail, a tree to fill in this missing element of the composition.
The collage is made on white canvas and just needs a final transparent varnish.
Linocut musical instruments

"Music in the city" by Ana-Maria Gruia

detail of gold leaf shine


Ryan said...

I like the gold, it adds ome nice texture and keeps the white space from overwhelming the design

Vanessa said...

I liked the composition with or without the gold leaf, either way, beautiful piece with nice texture and balance.