Special leather earrings on Etsy

I have continued another of my favorite projects, designing and crafting leather earrings. Having leather and tools around is a prerequisite, but then only imagination and a bit of endurance is needed! I have also discovered the things I like about such pieces of handmade jewelry: the pairs should be slightly (or even outright!) asymmetrical, less boring and framing the face. Another nice effect is rendered by the perforations that allow for a play of light and shadow, nicely visible against the skin. Another type of 3D effect is created by the combination of leather textures, elasticity and cutting, such as in the octopus earrings illustrated here last.
All of these items, available in multiple color variations, can be acquired on Etsy in my shop the Transylvanian Trove. See all the types of available earrings HERE.

Monstera leaf leather earrings, tropical leaf earrings, natural leather, handmade jewelry, floral pattern, designed in Transylvania, Romania

Feather earrings made of natural leather, metal silver earrings, entirely handmade in Transylvania, Romania, light jewelry, original design

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